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Car Hire Isn’t Expensive Anymore!

There is so much fear and dread about car rental industry that most tourists turn their backs to car rentals and prefer using public transportation for commutation. There is no harm in using any of the options as far as the customer is making an informed decision which is only possible if they are aware of the facts related to car rentals. A lot of people think, car rental is an expensive affair; however this is where people can avail real bargains. Consult any reputed agency and see the wonders of alteration. Agents can tweak and fix personalised car hire deals.  So, it’s time to break off myths about car rental and say hello to a new experience!

Long gone are the days when people believed in the commercial starring John McEnroe, a tennis player striding through the array of brand new cars, picking one and driving off.  Picking-any-car-and-driving-off has some substance for business travelers who process through loyalty programs; however the scenario is entirely different for an average traveler. So, why to paint a picture that’s just not going to happen? Or why to show just one side of the coin? Car rental is not a treat for elites only, but anyone who is willing to pay a little extra for commutation can avail car rentals. Nothing comes for free, so why not pay a little more for personalized convenience? Car hire adds the sense of ownership, comfort and flexibility to your tour routes and trips, and most importantly, customers are given full authority to customize their packages according to their needs and budget. 

Rental industry has squeezed in options to fill in the gap where people could rent and avail according to their pockets. But how can a consumer make sure they’re getting the best deal when renting a car? And how can they be safe from some of the pitfalls, indeed horror stories that seem to go hand-in-hand with renting a car? Seek transparency! Ask your provider for the services and deals you can get at best possible rates, double check or ask again. Here are few common pits that are easily preventable! 

STOP! Don’t hire at the airport. When you arrive at the airport, you are not lost, you are just at a different destination so don’t look for quick yet expensive solutions. Renting at the airport could peel out every buck out of your pocket. At airport, demand is usually high and people are often short of options so they pay what is demanded. Renting online directly from the agency or through the hotel you are staying in can help you avail good rates. This will reduce your rental expenditure by 10% to 30%. Take a cab to your hotel, once you freshen up, you can focus on more options. 

Book for longer than you expect needing the car. To lower your base rate, tack on an extra day or at least a few couple of hours even if you plan on returning the car earlier then you have booked for. Systems are automated and for longer hours, they discount the rate especially if you extend your booking to avail Friday and Saturday as well. Some companies offer prorated refund on early return whereas you need to be careful as some companies often charge you extra fee on early return. So seek clarity before signing any contract. 

Avoid additional insurance! It would save you around $20 a day. Until you are carrying items that are expensive and you can’t afford any loss on it or if you are a bad driver, otherwise, cover your car rental insurance through your credit card. Most credit cards cover car rental insurance, so there is no need to add any extra coverage. Frequent travelers believe it’s a redundant expense. A lot of car rental companies offer tempting add-ons over additional insurance but its better you drop the offer!

Check fuel and mileage policy before you drive away! Most car hires are done inclusive of fuel but before you handover your credit card details, make sure you are aware of company’s fuel and mileage policies. Does it restrict mileage in any way? Offering full-to-empty fuel or half tank? Is it inclusive or exclusive of the cost you are paying or not. 

Ask what smack dab the agency is offering. There are a lot of ways you can save and avail rental car convenience on your tours and trips. Once you get clarity, you are free to make informed decisions, often the best decisions!  

Safe Travels!